Hey guys!
Today I will be sharing something that I have been asked thousands of times throughout my career. This kind of topic may be frustrating to read but from my own experience it is the truth.

How do I become a better player?
My most answered question whether in person or online. Whenever someone asks me this question I tend to answer – ”There is no magic button to press, you just have to work hard”.

But what do I even mean by saying this?
People have to understand that getting better at something takes time, and if you really ask yourself, it would be the answer too.
I have managed to become one of the best Counter-Strike players in the entire world and that didn’t happen from laziness.

I started to play Counter-Strike when I was 9 years old, 20 years ago in the year 2000. I literally loved the game and at the time the pro scene was basically non-existant, meaning earning some kind of money wasn’t even on my mind. I played the game because I loved it, and I was putting in all the hours I had to become better. In the beginning I was writing with pen and paper the details about all the weapons inside of the game, all the map call-outs and whatever I had on my mind. I was even drawing the map structures to see the fastest waypoints to the bombsites and hostages.
With this commitment I started to see other type of patterns. I started to see and learn how to play in terms of structure.
When I learned about structure I was pretty fast to evolve it into strategies and use it my own game. I usually played on public servers but was eager to play real games.
At the time there was no help from the Internet. If you were lucky, you could find and read something about CS but it wasn’t anything that could teach you how to improve.

The basic fundamentals are things you wont learn unless you take it into your own hands to study it. It takes time and with that, I mean a lot of time, usually thousands of hours.

So what kind of fundamentals in Counter-Strike are the key?
Weapon Control
Team play
Predictive skills
Grenade usage
Map knowledge
Angle knowledge
Economy system

When you have mastered these fundamentals, you are ready to become a better player. For me it took nearly 15 000 hours (give or take) to master these topics. Even though I was considered as one of the best in what I did, playing on the biggest stages around the world and earning tonnes of money, I was still looking to improve all these things.

To summarise, never stop learning and never stop training. If you want to become a better player, you will have to improve. If you already are a top player, you still need to improve and upgrade yourself. It takes time to achieve something but it is absolutely not impossible, you just need the extreme power of will.

There is no magic button to press for you to become a professional

Pro tip by Maikelele
Record your own POV
Whenever you play a game and you absolutely crush your opponents or you get absolutely crushed yourself, watch it and learn from it. Make sure you see the patterns in what happened and when you understand it, write it down and keep reminding yourself of why.


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