On this page you will get four options how to contact me in the easiest way. Chose the one that makes it more comfortable for you.

inappropriate messages will be blocked, banned and reported.


The easiest way to contact me is via email.
If you have any inquiries make sure to make it proper and also don’t forget to include who you are.

My linkedin

I have not used linkedin as much as I should have been but lately I have focused a little bit more to get it in shape. 

My twitter

Since I have opened up my direct messages on twitter it has helped me growing in terms of reaching me. I get daily messages from fans or companies.


My discord

I have my own Discord server for all kind of things. I love to interact with my fans so this is a plattform I use for this. There have also been cases where I’ve gotten inquiries so don’t hesitate to join it if you find it easier.