My name is Mikail Bill, also known as Maikelele in the esports world.
I am a guy from Sweden that have lived his ultimate dream by becoming a proffesional gamer.
The story I have made based on my career is very up and down, with extremly high peeks but also hitting the absolute rock-bottom.
I have learned that the harder you suffer, the better your story will be. 

For many years have I been competing in the highest tier in a game called Counter-Strike.
I started to play CS when I was 9 years old, year 2000 and fell in love with the game immidietly. The outrageous amount of hours I put in to the game one day made me to who I am today, a guy with all different types of experience inside the industry as a whole.

On this page I will focus a little bit more on who I am as a person and what kind of achievements I have gotten throughout the years.

My Gear

I have always been choosing the best gear on the market. You can check what I use and buy what I’m using underneath.

Premium quality gaming mouse. Perfect for all hand sizes.

HyperX Cloud 2
Gaming Headset

7.1 sorround sound makes it a perfect headset for gamers and very comfortable.

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